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"Her creativity gets along well with the Sthapatya Vedic principles in terms of proportions, balance, symmetry and rhythm."



Shilpguru. Dr. V.Ganapati Sthapati

"Krithika is intelligent and creative. She is a deep thinker and a good problem solver. Her design work is aesthetically pleasing, practical / functional and uplifting."


 Dr. Jessie (Maya).J. Mercay

Chancellor AUM S & T

"If it was not for her untiring research efforts and her generous communications, knowledge of vastu in the West would be years behind what it is today."

-Ar. Michael Borden


Vastu International

"She has excellent interpersonal  skills  and has the capability to work well on any team."

Ar. David Fojo

Principal Architect -Fojo Design & Develop

Vastu Architect Krithika Karuppiah


M.Arch (USA)

Sthapati. Dr. S. Santhana Krishnan


B.Sc. T.Arch, M.A, M.Phil (Sanskrit)

Krithika Karuppiah is a contemporary architect whose interest in the traditional Indian architecture developed when she was a student of Architecture.  She became interested in Vaastu architecture when she investigated it as a project for her degree completion.  After completion of a Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Hindustan College of Engineering at Madras University, Ms. Karuppiah joined the staff of the illustrious Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and Associates as an architect.

As a Vaastu architect, Ms. Karuppiah designed Vastu  residences, schools, clinics, offices, hospitals, factories, religious and monumental buildings under the tutelage of Dr. Sthapati for ten years.  She spent six months in Trinidad where she designed many Vaastu buildings under Fojo Design & Develop Architects.

Ms. Karuppiah has been successful in creating magnificent structures that are spiritually and physically appealing.  Her first residential project in Chennai brought her into the limelight when Dr. Sthapati, the client, and herself were interviewed by the Discovery Channel team.

In addition to being a skilled Vaastu architect, Ms. Karuppiah assisted in the research works and book illustrations of Dr. Sthapati.   Under the auspices of Dr. Sthapati she taught classes for foreign delegates during the annual workshops on Sthapatya Veda and Vaastu Shastras conducted by the International Institute of Mayonic Science and Technology in Chennai and at the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology in the US.

Ms. Karuppiah is on the architectural faculty of Hindustan University, Chennai.  She is faculty and on the Board of Directors of The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology.

She and her husband Sthapati Santhana Krishnan conduct ongoing research in ancient Vaastu Shastras, Agamas, Pranava Veda, Aintiram and other ancient texts. She has a Masters Degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University, Michigan. She has visited US, Bali, Singapore, Mauritius and Trinidad.

Sthapati Santhana Krishnan, was born into a family who are linked to centuries of deep committment to the knowledge and practice of Vastu, Shastras and Agamas – building  architecture in harmony with nature.  He is the son of master temple architect Shilparatnam. Sri. S.Shanmugam Sthapati and grand nephew of the illustrious Dr. V Ganapati Sthapati.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Santhana Krishnan received a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and temple architecture from The College of Architecture and Sculpture in Mamallapuram and an M.A., M.Phil in Sanskrit Language from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, in Chennai, India.


While in college, Santhana Krishnan was given the opportunity to gain further experience under the expert tutelage of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, considered a most respected master of Vastu Shastras.  During this time he researched and translated ancient texts and scriptures relating to Vastu and language, including the 108 Upanishads.  He has written and presented numerous papers that have gained appreciation among scholars.


Upon completion of his college studies he began work with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and Associates.  He is the grand nephew of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.  He has worked on monumental projects such as the giant statue of Thiruvalluvar that stands on a rock outcropping at the tip of Kanya Kumari, India where his primary focus on stone architecture was highlighted in the marking of ten elephants at Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue.


Another major project is the Gurunathar Temple at Reddiapatti, a stone temple renovation project constructed primarily in cement and steel.  As a result of this project, he was awarded the title of “Sirpa Kalai Arasan” for his tremendous contribution.   Through many years of service as a Sthapati under Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati he worked on numerous projects in every capacity giving him a broad level of experience and finely honing his skills. 


In 2008 he and his wife Krithika Karuppiah spent eight months in Trinidad designing numerous residences and businesses per Vaastu Shastras.  Following this experience he became and independent sthapati forming K & S K  A R C H I T E C T S, Architects, Vaastu Consultants, Builders & Sculptors


 As an independent Sthapati he designed and built the beautiful and vibrant Mt. Soma Temple in North Carolina, US.  He has worked on various projects in the US and India.


Sthapati Santhana Krishnan has made a significant contribution to Mayonic architecture under the guidance of his mentor, Dr. Ganapati Sthapati and contributions in research of ancient texts such as Vaastu Shastras, Agamas, Upanishads, Pranava Veda, Aintiram, and other texts.   Along with krithika Karuppiah, he has translated a number of verses of the Pranava Veda from Technical Tamil to English.


He has conducted classes for the International Institute of Mayonic Science and Technology, in Chennai and is on the faculty of American University of Mayonic Science and Technology, in the US.

Sthapati Santhana Krishnan is a Sanskrit scholar and a scholar in Technical Tamil. He understands on a very deep level of the science behind the Shastras and hence builds buildings that are beautiful and vibrant.  

 Dr. Jessie (Maya).J. Mercay

Chancellor AUM S & T

I have benefited many times from Santhana's deep insight of Vastu architecture and professional, level headed approach to creating a Vastu structure within the context of modern building technologies.

Ar. Michael Borden


Vastu International

They were able to communicate and specify design details so well that the temple building and all the carvings from India were a precise fit, every measurement correct to 1/16 of an inch! They were with me through thick and thin, through obstacles that could seem insurmountable, and provided a wealth of knowledge on their craft that I am still awe-inspired by.  

Marcia Bowes

Sri Somesvara Temple, USA

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