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"Her creativity gets along well with the Sthapatya Vedic principles in terms of proportions, balance, symmetry and rhythm."



Shilpguru. Dr. V.Ganapati Sthapati

"Krithika is intelligent and creative. She is a deep thinker and a good problem solver. Her design work is aesthetically pleasing, practical / functional and uplifting."


 Dr. Jessie (Maya).J. Mercay

Chancellor AUM S & T

"If it was not for her untiring research efforts and her generous communications, knowledge of vastu in the West would be years behind what it is today."

-Ar. Michael Borden


Vastu International

Sri Somesvara Temple, USA
Anu Mantha's Residence
Bourse Office, T&T
Mr. Suresh Perumal's Residence
Residence, T&T
Sri Somesvara Temple, USA
Sri Saibaba Temple, Chennai


The knowledge of Sthapatya veda imparts an architecture that brings harmony between earthial space, built space, inner space and the cosmic space.  Sthapatya Vedic creations are microcosmic in nature which is part of the macrocosmic energy field.  

Design philosophy ………………………

  • Sacred geometry to achieve the spiritual quality. (Mathematical calculations to synchronize the energy levels of the individuals with the built space, an indigenous system handed down for generations)

  • Orienting the buildings with respect to cardinal directions. We follow a grid pattern for the building that correlates with the earth’s energy fields.

  •  Form of our creations is derived from the function of the space.  Cube is considered as the dynamic form that has the capacity to harness maximum energy.

  • Zoning of functional spaces is carried out in relation to the five natural elements and their subtle qualities– earth, air, water, fire and space.

  • Proportionate application of modular measurements on the floor plans and elevations generates a vibrant healthy built space satisfying the inhabitants both physically and spiritually. 

What we expect from our clients?

  • We never compromise with the shastraic principles in our design process. If a client wishes to implement his/her idea which deviate from the shastras, we will not be able to do so. 

  • Freedom to design your space as per the shastras thereby fulfilling the three aspects of Vastu shastra 

    • Ramyam (Peace)​

    • Bhogam (Spatial comfort)

    • Sukha darsham (Aesthetically appealing)

Sthapati Santhana Krishnan is a Sanskrit scholar and a scholar in Technical Tamil. He understands on a very deep level of the science behind the Shastras and hence builds buildings that are beautiful and vibrant.  

 Dr. Jessie (Maya).J. Mercay

Chancellor AUM S & T

I have benefited many times from Santhana's deep insight of Vastu architecture and professional, level headed approach to creating a Vastu structure within the context of modern building technologies.

Ar. Michael Borden


Vastu International

They were able to communicate and specify design details so well that the temple building and all the carvings from India were a precise fit, every measurement correct to 1/16 of an inch! They were with me through thick and thin, through obstacles that could seem insurmountable, and provided a wealth of knowledge on their craft that I am still awe-inspired by.  

Marcia Bowes

Sri Somesvara Temple, USA

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